Ciao Adios

20 February 2018, Tuesday

We all have our specific way to greet someone; “hi there”, “hey”, “aloha”, … Sometimes we add a handshake and depending on the occasion we put some kisses on top of it. There are plenty of options to say hello, but why not say it with a doormat?

As a doormat is often one of the first things people see before entering your house, why not use this functional interior item to welcome your visitors! It’s the perfect way to give a first impression of your style and your visitors will feel welcome in just a second.

MAD ABOUT MATS™ created 8 totally different collections: from basic black & grey, to trendy jungle prints or pop-up colored designs; for every home there is a perfect welcoming mat!

The scraper quality of MAD ABOUT MATS™ has all the features you need in a doormat; this ‘walk-clean’ mat consists of harder yarns to guarantee clean feet. It scratches the dirt and moisture out of your shoes and grasps it between its poles. As these mats are provided with an anti-slip backing, a good grip on every surface is ensured.

All mats of MAD ABOUT MATS™ are machine washable at 30 degrees. Since doormats have a lot to endure, this feature makes it easy to maintain your beloved interior item and to make sure you can enjoy its presence and functionality for a long time.

What’s your favorite mat to say hello?


A simple, yet elegant greeting thanks to the CLARK mat from our Natural Chic collection.


The most funky way to say hello thanks to PAULO from the Graphic Pop-Up collection.


Add an extra sparkle of happiness to your interior with the BARRY mat from our Back To Black collection.


A jungle-inspired welcome with the JOSH mat from our Ethnic Jungle collection.


The sweetest, pastel-colored hello thanks to the LEWIS mat from our Little Love collection.

With lots of love,