This collection allows you to decorate in black, but to think in gold. Basic black is never boring. This ‘no fuss’ collection is functional and practical. Black gives the house a strong character, while the grey and white tones bring some extra brightness to your interior. The perfect combination to instantly add some style.


Thanks to the Natural Chic collection you can calm the mind while enjoying the madness. With a natural state of mind, you are able to create restful places and welcoming atmospheres. The softness of the designs is in perfect harmony with the natural feel of colors; beige, white, earth tones, rosé,… Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


Far from minimalistic, but surprisingly clean; the Sea Salt collection gives the perfect portion of ‘vitamin sea’ to your home. This collection provides you with colors and patterns that will remind you of the sea: blue skies that fade into the ocean with twinkles of green and coral. The perfect solution when you’re aching for some summer vibes!


The Graphic Pop-Up collection is more fun than a rollercoaster. The color overload sets the mood in every room. Everybody is able to enter the world of fun and laughter. A touch of pop art is created by playing with patterns and shapes. It’s time to escape the ordinary and to light up the house with colors. Happiness looks good on you and your house!

Ethnic Jungle

Dare to explore the Ethnic Jungle collection and let in some new energy. The prints and patterns give you the impression that in and outdoor living is seamless. This collection is wild, but ever so elegant and it gives you the possiblity to create beautiful environments.

Little Love

The Little Love collection leaves room for magic thanks to its playful and innovative designs. A hint of childhood memories and a cheerful choice of colors make it a lighthearted collection full of miracles for the little ones. This collection is made for those who believe in everyday magic.

Flower Market

Bring some floral freshness inside with the Flower Market collection. Dazzling florals and romantic blooms dominate this collection. The mats reflect a variety of flowers and they will remind you of the smell of botanic sweetness. In other words; this collection will make you feel like being on a lovely flower market right away!

Crazy Ceramics

Fill your life with adventure thanks to the Crazy Ceramics collection. It gives you the chance to meet different cultures and takes you to places you’ve never been. The mixed rules in colors give a fresh touch to your interior; while the tile prints give an extra dimension to the floor. Seek the adventure at home!