5x must-have bath mats

Light up your bathroom with one of these must-haves!

They provide your feet with some extra softness in the mornings and they give the bathroom a fancy touch; bath mats are an essential for the home.

And why opt for a basic, uni colored item if you can make it way more fun? We have listed our top 5 bestsellers when it comes to bathroom mats.

Next to a surprising print, MAD ABOUT MATS attaches great importance to high quality. Our "touch" mats are the perfect solution for your bathroom. These mats are extra absorbent and thanks to their non-slip backing, they are safe to use in wet areas.

Could the mat itself use some refreshment? Don't worry, you can wash all mats at 30° in the washing machine. More info can be found here.

Ref.: Aron, €39,99


A basic mat with a peachy quote! The Aron mat is 50x75cm and fits perfectly next to the shower. No more wet footprints on the bathroom floor!

Ref.: Birgit, €79,99


When the bath mat says it all... Get ready for those hot showers, thanks to the Birgit mat. This mat is size 67x110cm.

Ref.: Pola, €39,99


Shake them tits! With the Pola mat it's so much more fun to get ready in the morning. A 50x75cm mat that gives a splash of color to the interior.

Ref.: Callie, €79,99


Stay fresh and clean with the Callie mat. This mat is size 67x110 and fits almost every bathroom interior thanks to the basic, yet elegant print.

Ref.: Albert, €79,99


For those who think about the climate, but mostly for those who love to shower together. The Albert mat is size 50x150cm, the perfect size for along side the bath, shower or sink.

>> Which one is your favorite?

Discover all our bathroom mats now. Thanks to the wide range of prints and colors, we made sure that for every bathroom, there's a perfect #madaboutmats!