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Enjoy your mats for a long long time

All items of MAD ABOUT MATS are handled with love and exclusivity during the entire production process, so we can guarantee an exclusive quality of high-end yarns.

Taking care of your favorite mats will make them last the longest time possible.

Follow the instructions below to enhance the life of your must-have mat(s).

Vacuum clean your mat(s) at least once a week

Machine wash your mat once a month if needed

Choose a standard or delicate program of 30 degrees

Don't put any other clothes or items in the washing machine while washing

your mat(s)

Don't add chemicals. The impact of the water is enough to clean the mat(s).

If there is a specific stain, you should buy a product for this type of stains in the supermarket. Follow the instructions of this product before washing your mat(s).

After the washing process, the mat(s) should flat dry. Don't put the mat(s) in the tumble dryer.


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