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The room of Victoria

A little cutie with a strong character; always honest but pretty independent too. Discover her room that perfectly fits her personality!


Meet Lore...

the proud mommy of Louis and Victoria.

Instagram: @louisandvictoria

By becoming a mother I gained so much self-confidence as a woman. I want to be there for my kids and I strive to be their best example.

The love you receive as a mother, the kisses and the hugs, and the fact that you are 'needed' - that's what makes motherhood so precious and so much fun! 

Like mother, like daughter

Victoria is a sweet little girl with a strong character. She knows what she wants, but she's always honest. And in fact, for her age, she's pretty independent too. 

As a mom, I could describe my style as simple but classy. The same for Victoria; classic with some trendy touches - it should never be boring for her.

My number one outfit as a mom? A classy oversized white tee combined with a midi-skirt, a good pair of sneakers or loafers and a cropped jumper in a bright color. Ready to go!


The room of Victoria

I believe that your interior should 'grow' by time. It's important to keep a style in mind (color palette, materials,...). It's good to choose one eye catcher and then search for other small deco items to create to total interior. Another tip: look further than the typical kids (interior) shops; sometimes furniture and deco in other shops are suitable for the kids rooms too. 

When looking at the collections of MAD ABOUT MATS MINI, Victoria (and Louis too) immediately fell in love with the ERIC mat. And as a mom, I'm very happy with her choice. It fits her room perfectly!

Night night

Before going to sleep, it's story-time. Then I kiss her good night, I give her a big hug and I leave the room after throwing her another kiss. Of course, her bottle of milk is a must when going to sleep.

Sleep tight, sweet Victoria. We hope you enjoy the madness in your lovely bedroom xoxo