Embrace imperfection

Finding beauty in imperfection: the journey of Mistake Mats

Once upon a time, in the heart of our creative workspace at MAD ABOUT MATS, something remarkable happened. We were working tirelessly to bring our exquisite doormats to life, each a masterpiece designed to welcome you home with style and warmth. But, as we all know, perfection is a journey, not a destination.

It was during this journey that we stumbled upon a treasure trove of mats, each bearing a tiny imperfection – a quirky quirk in the printing process. We could have simply discarded them, as many others might have. However, at MAD ABOUT MATS, we saw potential where others saw flaws. And so, the idea of the Mistake Mats collection was born.

And this story isn't just about mats; it's about something much bigger. It's about our unwavering commitment to the environment that nurtures us all. Each Mistake Mat is a small step towards a greener future – a statement against waste and a salute to sustainability.

Welcome to the Mistake Mats collection – where each mat has a story, every flaw is a work of art, and every purchase makes a difference.

+ Mats with small printing errors, but without defects in the high end MAD quality

+ Indication of the 'mistake'/error is mentioned in the online description of the product

+ Same conditions as the standard products apply (delivery, returns, warranty...)

+ Attractive price (discount)

+ Environmentally friendly: no more unnecessary waste

+ Frequent addition of extra mats