A house full of eye-catchers

Meet Elisa (29) and Henri (28); a young duo that has not only won each other's hearts, but also shares the passion for their enchanting home in the heart of Kortrijk (Belgium). Their adventure started spontaneously, when they decided to transform this characterful house into their dream home.

“We just knew this was it,” Elisa recalls with a smile, recalling the moment they first saw their house. "It was love at first sight."

This dynamic couple initially had different style preferences. Henri loved the classic look, while Elisa fell in love with a playful and modern interior. The result? A harmonious mix of both styles, where compromises were made and each room was given its own unique character.

“We have learned to work together and respect each other's taste,” Henri explains. “Our home now truly reflects who we are as individuals and as a couple.”

Their living room features a work of art that gives extra life to their interior. This artwork, created by Bénédicte, Henri's sister, depicts the famous Broel Towers of Kortrijk - the place where Henri and Elisa had their very first date. It also depicts Henri and Elisa as a couple kissing, a heartwarming reminder of their recent engagement. As they prepare for their civil wedding very soon, the "Mr & Mrs" mat in the living room is a clear nod to the big day.

Elisa became MAD ABOUT MATS long before the renovation began. For her, the choice of mats is not only about aesthetics, but also about functionality. The bathroom mats, for example, ensure warm feet on chilly mornings, a true blessing. The toilet has not been spared from Elisa's decorative flair either. Once again, a work of art by Bénédicte is the eye-catcher, but the “nice underwear” mat provides a fun twist.

The doormat in the entrance hall welcomes her patients to her home practice as a podiatrist with the quote "be our guest". Even in her workspace she has a mat that says “enjoy,” which often brings a smile to her patients' faces.

Guests and friends have often expressed their admiration for the choice of these mats. However, what Elisa appreciates most about MAD ABOUT MATS is the fact that they are washable. She doesn't wash them weekly, but at least once a year, and yet they remain as beautiful as the day they were purchased. “The durability of MAD ABOUT MATS is impressive,” Elisa emphasizes. "It's an investment in both style and functionality."

Elisa has another tip for others: consider MAD ABOUT MATS as an original gift idea for dinners, parties or even baby showers. She is convinced that people enjoy these unique gifts for much longer than a traditional bouquet of flowers.

Elisa and Henri have proven that their home is not just a physical space, but also an expression of their love and individuality. Thanks to MAD ABOUT MATS they have found the perfect finishing touch to make their home even more welcoming and unique.


Podiatrist Elisa Ghekiere

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