From teenage love to cozy family

Nicolien (38), Frederik, and their daughters Valentina (12) and Elena (10), find peace in their cozy Lievegem home. Here, love and attention to detail transform a house into a meaningful home.

"Sometimes we have new inspirations or even minor frustrations, but when it comes down to it, we are so grateful for our home. The rural setting, the ability to take delightful strolls, or simply cycle along the towpath – these are the things that make this place truly special for us," says Nicolien.

The family's journey began several years ago when Nicolien and Frederik met as 16-year-olds. What started as teenage love blossomed into a close-knit family. "We are a perfect team," Nicolien laughs, describing her daughters. "Elena is a playful spirit, while Valentina is conscientious, a true dream student."

Initially, as a couple, they purchased an apartment in Mariakerke, but soon they felt the longing for a green environment and a garden. Social connections led them to a new building project in Lievegem, and today they warmly and proudly welcome family and friends through the door of their newly-built home.

This warm ambiance permeates the entire house. But what truly makes their house a home? For Nicolien and Frederik, the answer is clear: the location combined with their bustling family life.

From cozy corners and a pop-art artwork in the living room to the carefully selected mats from MAD ABOUT MATS, Nicolien's passion for interior design and decoration is evident. She considers it a hobby alongside her job as a nurse at UZ Gent.

Many memories resurface when looking at the board on the kitchen wall, adorned with colorful magnets from around the world. From sunny Sevilla to the enchanting Dubai and Abu Dhabi: each magnet reminds Nicolien and Frederik of adventures and encounters that made their travels unforgettable. With every new magnet, they expand not only their collection but also their experiences.

"The Amber mat was our first purchase from MAD ABOUT MATS and fit perfectly in our entrance. Its neutral design and washability make MAD ABOUT MATS an absolute winner for us," Nicolien shares enthusiastically. "And during the Christmas season, we bring out our Christmas mat – a perfect addition that complements the festive atmosphere and carries an apt quote for the cold winter days: 'it's cold outside'."

"I am currently in love with the Albert mat with the quote 'save water, shower together'. It perfectly matches our interior and adds a touch of humor. It's at the top of my wishlist for the upcoming holidays," Nicolien winks at Frederik.

What both appreciate about MAD ABOUT MATS is the extensive range and the regular addition of new designs. "The fact that there is always something new to discover keeps it exciting. It's one of the reasons why we keep coming back," Nicolien adds.

And so, the story of Nicolien and Frederik's home continues, in a house filled not only with furniture – and mats – but above all with love and joy. And in every detail lies a story, ready to be shared with anyone who steps over their threshold (and their Ciro mat).