In between recipes and memories

Lien, an energetic 38-year-old, along with her fiancé Dieter (36), forms a loving family with their two radiant children: Chloé (4,5) and Mia (2,5). In daily life, Lien shines as a nurse in the operating room of Jan Yperman Hospital in Ypres. Her days are filled with providing care and love, both at home and at work.

On her journey to adulthood, Lien faced loss but found the strength to pursue her dreams. “During my third year of nursing, I lost my dad,” she recalls. “After a difficult and challeging period, I regained my focus and resumed my studies. Now, I’ve been working in Ypres for 12 years, where I still find passion in my work.”

Besides her job and her family, another great passion of Lien is baking. “During the lockdown, we couldn’t order a cake for Chloé’s first birthday,” she explains. “So, I decided to try baking one myself. And now, it has become a tradition. That first baked creation was carefully sliced at home during the time of Corona and then brought door to door to family. Via Facetime, we virtually enjoyed the cake together and toasted to Chloé,” Lien says.

Walking towards the living room, Lien steps on the mat with the words ‘shoes off’. “The colors match the entryway, and the quote is perfectly fitting, “ Lien laughs, thinking about all the times she had to remind her daughters to take off their shoes.

For a year now, this young family has been residing in Harelbeke. “Actually, there weren’t any plans to move, but through friends, we came across this plot of land, and it seemed like a great opportunity,” she says. An opportunity the couple embraced wholeheartedly, and their teamwork resulted in a beautiful, contemporary new build home.

This doormat wasn’t the first MAD ABOUT MATS that entered their home. “Every year, my friends and I host a Christmas dinner where we exchange gifts. A few years ago, a MAD ABOUT MATS doormat was on my wishlist”. And so, her love for the brand has started with the doormat ‘welcome to the jungle’.

What made her even more 'mad about mats' was the story behind the brand. "As I was scrolling through the website, I read the MAD ABOUT MATS story. The fact that this brand is run by a young Flemish woman makes it extra special for me. It adds a personal touch to my purchases and creates a sense of recognition, which leads to even more appreciation."

In the living room, there's a special cabinet. "This is meme Stella's cabinet," says Lien with a smile. "She is my grandmother, my mom's mom." She now lives in a nursing home due to her health, but the memories of my time with her are precious. She was always so hospitable and loving. The cabinet brings back that warmth and coziness to our home; it reminds me of those special moments we shared together."*

In the rooms of Chloé and Mia, adorable mats lay beside their beds. "These aren't just mats; they're their mats," Lien laughs. "Each with the first letter of their name on it. It makes their rooms personal and cozy, just the way they like it."

On the same floor as the kids' rooms, the bathroom door is slightly ajar, giving a glimpse of the 'save water, shower together' mat. "It adds a touch of humor to our morning rush."

Back downstairs, Lien stands at her kitchen island, surrounded by the aromas of yet another baking experiment, while flipping through her latest addition: 'The Vegan Baking Book'. "Baking is my passion, and this book inspires me to try new things, to be creative in the kitchen."

But it's quickly apparent that her creativity doesn't stop at her own kitchen because in the corner of the kitchen stands a revamped Ikea play kitchen for the girls. "I'm a busy bee in every aspect," Lien laughs.

Thus, every corner, every mat, and every homemade project – whether it's a cake or a play kitchen – in the home of Lien and Dieter tells a story. A story of family, creativity, style, and a touch of madness.

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